Aroma magic aromatic skin toner-Review

Hello Everyone, today I’m here with the review of Aroma Magic Skin Toner. Yes, it’s a skin toner which I am using for past 2 months.

And now I’m feeling like I can actually review this Aroma Magic Skin Toner.

Firstly, it’s 100% free of Alcohol, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phathates, Artificial fragrance and color. Which is great I think.

What the company claims & Contents as per the product are :

Aroma magic aromatic skin toner-Review

Direction for uses : Spray it directly on to your face, or you can also pour needed amount on a cotton & dab it to your face.

It’s also cruelty free product as it isn’t tested on animals.

The product also claims to tightens pores & revives skin for oily skin.

You will get 200 ml of this toner for INR 195.

The self life is 2 years from the manufacturing date

I basically use it in my CTM process daily, twice a day.

Now, for those who wants to know what is CTM process, you can also check out to know it.

Well, after Cleansing my face with a good face cleanser, I apply this toner on to my face, and let it dry for 15-30 seconds. After which I apply my daily moisturizer or simple aloe-vera cream.

I have oily to combination skin, & this toner is basically for oily skin type.

Toners are not only necessary to close open pores, after cleansing, but it also helps to balance the pH level of your skin.

Toning your skin must be an important part of your daily cleansing routine.

Toners are not only effective at balancing the skin pH level, which can help your skin to be less prone to oiliness and infection, and creating a more vibrant and smoother apperance.

So, back to my experience, this toner worked nice for me. After cleansing my face, I apply this toner on to my face. There isn’t any cooling or sensational feeling, after applying this toner. It feels just like water on to your face, which get absorbed just in few minutes. After which I apply my moisturizer.

This toner has done quite really well for me. As it control oil for a decent period of time. And it actually helped to shirk out the pores too. After 15 days of constant use, I can actually feel my skin much smoother and clear than before. And after one month of using this toner, skin becomes more and more clear day by day as well as radiant also.

easy to use as it does have a spray mechanism

Now, let’s discuss some pros. & cons. of this toner;

Pros :

  1. 100% alcohol free.
  2. Parabens, petrochemicals, phathates free.
  3. Also, artificial fragrance & color free.
  4. Animals cruelty free.
  5. Good for Oily skin.
  6. Controls oil very well.
  7. Meanwhile, helps to shrink out the pores too.
  8. Makes skin clearer and smoother
  9. Contains natural extracts of pomegranate, lavender & peppermint, with rosemary, ylang ylang essential oils.
  10. Helps balancing pH level of skin naturally.
  11. Improves skin quality also.
  12. Gives a radiant glow after constant use.
  13. Absolutely travel friendly packaging.
  14. Moreover, easy to use as it does have a spray mechanism.
  15. Budget friendly as well.


  1. No cons. as such.

So, my final take on this toner is.. it’s a decent toner with no such harmful chemicals. Works quite great for skin. As it does not only clear your face, but also gives your face a radiant glow. It improves your skin quality too. And it’s affordable too.

I think.. it’s a great toner. Must try it for once.

You can buy this Fabulous Toner here :

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