Padmasana (Lotus Position)-Reduce mental stress with It

Padmasana recognized as Lotus Pose in English is a meditative posture and requires a lot of practice and efforts to be perfect. Since we all know how stress can harm you in all possible way. Therefore reducing some Mental stress and Claiming up your mind is something that we all crave. Padmasana ( Lotus Position ) is a great Yoga position to help you out. The pose is emblematic of both Buddhist meditation and of yoga, and as such has found a place in Western Culture as a symbol of healthy living and well-being.


There are three variants of Padmasana (Lotus Position)

  • Half Lotus ( Ardhya Padmasana )
  • Bound Lotus ( Baddha Padmasana )
  • Psychic Union Pose ( Yogamudrasana )
Reduce Stress with the help of Padmasana

Position :

Sit cross-legged on the floor in Sukhasana. With your hands, pick up the right leg as for a leg cradle and draw it toward the torso, bringing the heel down near the lower belly. Then place the foot on the root of the left thigh in the groin. With both the legs crossed and feet placed on opposite thighs, place your hands on the knees in mudra position. Keep your spine erect and head straight. Hold the position with gentle long deep breaths in and out.

Meanwhile, you can do meditation in this position. It will definitely help you to calm down your mind and feel peace.

Lotus Position Benefits

Now, let us discuss some benefits of Padmasana :

  1. Reduce Mental Stress.
  2. Improves Digestion.
  3. Strengthens knee & ankle joints.
  4. Reduce menstrual cramps.
  5. Help pregnant ladies during childbirth.
  6. Controls Blood Pressure.
  7. Ward off your fear.
  8. Helpful in reducing Anixety.
  9. Fight Insomnia.
  10. Improves posture and healthy spine.
Lotus Position

Some Common Rules & Cautions to be follow :

  • As it’s a kind of meditative pose, it would be good to do this in early morning. But, if you want you can do it in evening too. Here, it means to say that practicing Padmasana in early morning would be more beneficial.
  • Ensure finishing bowl movement before starting padmasana.
  • It’s good to practice padmasana in an empty stomach. But if you want to do it at any other time than early morning, make sure you have a gap of 4-5 hours between your food and practicing Padmasana.
  • Choose a calm and peaceful place for practicing Padmasana.
  • Before practicing Padmasana, it would be better to do some free-hand exercise, stretching and warm ups, to make your body for practicing Padmasana.
  • If you are finding it hard to overlap the second leg, then practice Ardhya Titli Asana ( Half Butterfly Pose ) to be comfortable and get prepared for Padmasana.
  • People suffering from injured or weak ankles or knees, sciatica, severe back pain, should avoid practicing Padmasana.
  • Avoid forcefully doing any asana. Better start slowly and gradually increase efforts.
Padmasana ( Lotus Position )

Pregnant ladies must consult their doctors before practicing Padmasana.

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Padmasana benefits
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