Get Rid of acne with this Face pack

Earlier, in my post, We have discussed about Acne, and some general but useful tips for treating Acne. And as I did promised to you all, I am back with this awesome face pack recipe to get rid of Acne, as well as Acne marks too.

So, let’s get into the recipe straight.

Get Rid of Acne

For making this face pack you need;

1 tablespoon Oatmeal powder ( you can grind plain Oats into mixer grinder )

1/4 teaspoon Lemon Juice

1 teaspoon Honey

1-2 pinch of Kasturi Haldi ( Turmeric ) powder

1 teaspoon Rose Water

2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Cucumber juice as much required to make a paste like consistency

Now, take a bowl and mix all these ingredients to form a pack. You can adjust the quantity of cucumber juice, as per required to make the pack. If you don’t have cucumber in house, you can use only Rose water too.

After mixing all these ingredient, your pack is ready. Wash your face with a good oil free face cleanser, and then apply this face pack all over your face, leaving area around your eyes. After 20-25 minutes, when the pack will almost dry, wash off your face with plain normal or alcohol based toner to your face. After 10 second apply any water base moisturizer or Aloe vera gel.

Acne Problems

You can use this face pack twice in a week to get rid of acne. The lemon and Tea tree oil, fights bacteria. Oatmeal controls the oil in your face. Cucumber juice and Rose water make your skin feel relaxed and cool. Haldi ( Turmeric ) work as a great Antibacterial remedy.


  1. For Cucumber juice, you need to grind cucumber into mixer grinder, then strain all the juice from the ground cucumber, with the help of a strainer. Since, grinding a small piece is quite hard, you can grind a Whole Cucumber at once, strain the juice, and freeze it by putting in a ice-cube tray. Further you can use those cubes as per required. This trick can be helpful to save time & effort both. You can use the frozen cubes for about 1 week.
  2. If you don’t want to use Oatmeal powder, you can also use normal Chana Besan ( Gram Flour ) we have in our kitchen. That’s too work great.
Get rid of acne with this face pack

So, overall this is a power pack for acne prone beauties. Do give it a try and share the experience, so that others can also get the benefit of your experience.

But don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as nothing will work without this.

Face Pack for Acne Free Skin

If you want to purchase Tea Tree Oil for yourself, you can find it here :

Personally, I have been using this tea tree oil for more than 4 years. Soon I will post a whole review about my experience.

Do read to know more about.

Till then, Spread Love & Kindness

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