Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Mask – Review

Hello Everyone, today I’m here to review something really.. really special to me. And that is Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Mask.

I have been using this since 2015. Yes, I know its a long time. But trust me guys, If this Oxygen Mask suits you once, it will definitely become a part of your skin care regime, for life time.

So, let’s get straight to the review of The Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Mask.

There is an Introduction, Directions for use, and Ingredients written on the back side of the Shahnaz Husain Improved Formula Oxygen Mask.

Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Mask - Review

You will get 150 gm of this product for Rs.520 ( yes.. its quite costly but worth the price ).

It comes in Blue tube kind of packaging with a flip-flop cap ( Quite travel friendly ).

This mask comes in a thick gel kind of consistency with blue milli-capsules, mixed with the gel.

The self life is 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Mask

Now, let’s talk about how I use this mask.

I often use this mask Once or Twice in a month ( one in 15 days ), as I feel its sufficient for me.

Sometimes I also use it while doing a D.I.Y Home Facial, or for any kind of special occasion.

Usually, I wash my face with a face cleanser, scrub my face, and than I use this oxygen mask all over my face for 10 minutes. I burst the milli capsules on to my face while applying the mask.

There is a tip for using perfectly this mask as if the milli capsules doesn’t get burst directly on to your face, you can also take a clean glass bowl, pour the gel in to it, burst all the milli capsules by your finger tip. Mix it all together and apply than.

After 10 minutes, when it becomes dry, I wipe off the mask with the help of a wet cotton wool, followed by a good deep moisturizer Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Moisturizer or my D.I.Y Tea Tree Cream

Sometimes, I do this process at night, to wake up with a beautiful glowing healthy looking skin.

Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Mask - Review

Now, let’s see some Pros. & Cons. of the Shahnaz Husain Oxygen mask :


  • Suitable for almost all skin type.
  • Perfect skin beautifying mask.
  • Gives a beautiful as well as natural kind of healthy glow to your skin.
  • Easy to spread on your face.
  • Gives a cooling effect.
  • Tighten the pores & skin.
  • Gives you a younger looking skin.


  • Price is on a bit costly side ( Rs 520 for 150 gm ).

So in conclusion, I would love to say that this mask is actually a hit for me. Once you try it, it will be a part of your skin care regime. Though, its a little bit pricey, but this mask worth the price.

Definitely try this one. You will love it.

You can buy it from here :

Till Than, Spread Love & Kindness

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